The Best Margarita in the Hamptons

Margarita Grille Westhampton Beach

“Margarita Grille”

You want the Best Margarita In The Hamptons, We have you covered!

Westhampton Beach is considered by many to be the “First Hampton” because it was the first village in the Hamptons to begin renting out rooms and the first Hampton to be accessed by the Long Island Railroad. It’s one of the fastest growing communities on the east end of Long island yet has still managed to stay quaint and maintain its “chill” reputation.

Located in the village of Westhampton Beach on Main Street is Margarita Grille. Margarita Grille which first opened its doors in 1999 with the intent of providing just what the Village is…a laidback and quaint atmosphere. The menu is a perfect mix of American/Tex-Mex options. 

Where the “MG” as locals call it stands out is for its Margaritas…

By its name alone “Margarita Grille'' is stand-alone best place in all of the Hampton’s to go for a Margarita with over 11 different options as well as “skinny” variations available to make it stand out from the rest. Their secret house margarita mix that they use will not only taste extremely delicious but will add a wobble to your step. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a personal favorite of the Spicy Margarita with real jalapenos in the glass… (Pro-tip: ask for water or extra chips to go with this Marg, it will give you a real kick in the butt and clear your nose). Pair this with the Red, White, and Blue Tacos and you will be planning your next trip back here for tomorrow's meal.

Margarita Grille Is located centrally in town, It quickly became the go-to spot for locals, socialites, and summer renters.

Come check out The Best Margarita Main Street Westhampton Beach has to offer. 

Stay Salty,

Joe DeMarco